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The rapid evolution of internet into an ultra fast, powerful and borderless communication tool has transformed the course in which businesses are conducted in this era. Present business model is characterized based on speed in its response, global in its outreach and timeless in its environment.

Malaysia Airports advocates those business characteristics and has been and always at the forefront in leveraging the advancement of information technologies and business solutions to solidify and affirm its market presence within the airport industry

And now, the VMS - Vendor Management System, is another strategic and affirmative move by Malaysia Airports to tap and utilize the power of internet. It is a system designed to shift vendor registration processes from manual, snail-pace exercise to an online environment where registration can be done at vendors’ desktops, in their own comfort time from wherever they are in whole wide world. Online registration reduces processing time very significantly, minimizes human interfacing and errors, stores and archives registration data automatically in central server and a whole lot of other inherent benefits.

Malaysia Airports is serious to eradicate corruption practices among employees at all levels in the course of their duties. To achieve this, code of ethics  were established and incorporated into Procurement Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. We wish to highlight the ethics as reminder to our valued vendors to achieve the objectives whilst adopting best practices in procurement.

 Disclaimer: At the moment we only accept registration from company registered in Malaysia .

Tender Advertisement
1MAHB-MASB/T/07/2015Tenancy of a Retail Outlet (Book, Magazines) at Lot No. L2A06, Level 2 (Airside), Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
2MAHB-MASB/T/08/2015Tenancy of a Food & Beverage Outlet (Grab & Go) at Lot No. L1L12, Level 1 (Landside), Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
3MAHB-MASB/T/09/2015Tenancy of a Service Outlet (Telecommunication) at Lot No. L1L17, Level 1 (Landside), Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
4MAHB-MASB/T/10/2015Tenancy of a Service Outlet (Telecommunication) At Lot No. L1L02, Level 1 (Landside), Kuching International Airport,Sarawak
5MAHB-MASB/T/11/2015Tenancy of a Food & Beverage Outlet (Local Asian Food) At Lot No. L1L01, Level 1 (Landside), Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
6MAHB-MASB/T/12/2015Tenancy of a Food & Beverage Outlet (Staff Café/Canteen) At Lot No. L1A17, Level 1 (Airside), Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
7MAHB-MASB/T/04/2015Grass Cutting, Drainage Cleaning And Related Services At Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah

Tender Opening Schedule
1MAHB-HQ/T/05/2015Supply And Delivery of Security Stickers To Aviation Security (AVSEC) Division, Malaysia Airports At Airports in Semenanjung, Sabah And Sarawak

2MAHB-MA(S)/T/05/2015Supply And Deliver Tooth Belt Parts For Baggage Arrival Transfer System At KL International Airport

3MAHB-HQ/T/03/2015Comprehensive Cleaning And Related Services At Malaysia Airports Headquarters, Facilities Buildings And Surrounding Areas At Malaysia Airports Corporate Office, Sepang, Selangor

4MAHB-MA(S)/T/04/2015Outsourced of Static Security Guard Services at Free Commercial Zone (FCZ), KL International Airport

Vendor Management System 2014