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Dear valued Vendors,

As the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia continues to evolve and in line with ongoing efforts to ensure good health and safety of your workers within Malaysia Airports premises, we wish to highlight a key measure on our prevention of COVID-19 spread.

On behalf of Management of Malaysia Airports, we wish for all Vendors entering/working within Malaysia Airports premises to be completely vaccinated against COVID-19. Vendors are required to produce the COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate upon entering Malaysia Airports premises. On the same note, international Vendors are also required to produce proof of vaccination approved by the health authorities from the country of origin. Therefore we reserve our rights to reject entry to any worker that does not meet full vaccination status.

Vendors shall abide to take future vaccination(s) against COVID-19 and other type of vaccinations as regulated by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH). Vendors who refuse for vaccination without any valid reason are required to undergo the RTK-Antigen COVID-19 testing on regular basis (twice (2) every seven (7) days) at Vendors’ own cost. Those with positive test results are strictly prohibited from entering Malaysia Airports premises. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in serious consequence management action as provided for under the law or in the contract with us.

We value all efforts taken up by Vendors in preventing COVID-19 spread. Vendors are advised to adhere strictly to the latest MOH directives and available Laws, Regulation and Orders by the Government of Malaysia in relation to COVID 19 control measures. Please note there may be changes to the above guidelines and these will be informed in due course.

From the desk of Chief Procurement Officer, MAHB

Date: 08 October 2021

System upgrading for Procurement process and transaction

Kindly be informed that we are using eProcure via Procurehere as our official procurement platform starting 02 January 2021. This platform allows you to view, purchase, submit your documentation and engage with our procurement team.

You may view our open tender advertisement in this link - MAHB Public Event

Link to the website –

There are 2 categories of vendors involved and guidelines as follows:
  1. VMS vendor (registered with MAHB Vendor Management System) – does not have to perform new registration in eProcure website as registration data is synchronized. Those who have not activated the account in eProcure, please request for your username and password to
  2. Non VMS vendor (previously registered in we highly advise you to register your company in VMS website OR alternatively you can perform new registration in eProcure website.
We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to having you onboard.
  Dear Valued Vendors,

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beware of a scam by a Third Party posing to represent Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad and its Group of Companies (“MAHB Group”)

MAHB Group has been made aware of a letter/email/phone scam involving a third-party agent/person/company claiming to represent MAHB Group for its procurement process/activities.

MAHB Group and its officers would like to emphasize that we have absolutely no involvement with these fraudulent representations and have never engaged any third-party agent/ individual/ company or any other source to represent MAHB Group concerning any aspect of procurement process/activities.

Vendors are advised to be cautious and be reminded that any offers made will only come directly from MAHB Group.

If you receive any unexpected letter/email/sms/call from someone who claims to represent MAHB Group and appear even remotely suspicious, please refrain from offering any prompt response or provide any personal or financial information, and where possible to verify the identity of that person/agency/company.

Please contact the Procurement & Contract Division (PCD) at or 03 8777 7695 / 03 8777 7652 to report such events to us. Your assistance and cooperation is highly appreciated.

Introducing e-RFQ

As part of MAHB Procurement Transformation journey whereby one of the key focus is on automation and digitalization, e-RFQ is being implemented with the objective to expedite the current process.
Registered vendor with Malaysia Airports will be invited via email (registered email in the VMS) to participate in the e-RFQ from time to time when the need arises.
To keep pace with the transition, please ensure to monitor your email regularly
Looking forward to the new era of digitalization.


Procurement and Contract Division (PCD) - Anti Bribery Management Systems (ABMS)

Procurement and Contract Division (PCD) has adopted zero tolerance policy against all forms of bribery and corruption.

Bribery and corruption are of the major risks faced by all types of organizations, regardless of their size or nature of business that often results in loss of customers’ confidence, negative image and subsequently may lead to the closure of organizations.

ISO 37001 – Anti Bribery Management System would help Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad as an organization to prevent, detect, address bribery and corruption by:

  1. Allowing or opening for external scrutiny of the effectiveness of Anti Bribery policies and process
  2. Demonstrating compliance to relevant legislation.
  3. Collaborating with stakeholders to monitor and manage risk throughout MAHB and PCD as a division.
  4. Ensuring vendors are committed to Anti Bribery and Corruption best practice.
PCD will continually review and strengthen its procurement processes and would effortlessly interact with internal and external parties accordingly for an effective and proactive measure in fighting bribery and corruption.


Vendor Registration
Tel: 03 8777 7695 / 03 8777 7652

Tel: 03 8777 7702 / 03 8777 7684 / 03 8777 7678

Tel: 03 8777 7896

Commercial Tender Announcement Status


Declaration on Related Party Transaction (RPT)

Starting from 1st April 2019, all procurement process shall implement a new process of completing the Declaration on Related Party Transaction (RPT). All interested Tenderer/Bidder is required to download and complete the Declaration on RPT prior to purchasing of the Tender/Quotation/RFP document. The Tenderer/Bidder shall not be allowed to purchase the Tender/Quotation/RFP document in the event the Declaration is incomplete or fail to present. The said Declaration together with samples and definition of RPT can be accessed via this website. The new process is also being notified to all Tenderers/Bidders via MAHB Tender Notice/Invitation letter.

Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey


The rapid evolution of internet into an ultra fast, powerful and borderless communication tool has transformed the course in which businesses are conducted in this era. Present business model is characterized based on speed in its response, global in its outreach and timeless in its environment.

Malaysia Airports advocates those business characteristics and has been and always at the forefront in leveraging the advancement of information technologies and business solutions to solidify and affirm its market presence within the airport industry

And now, the VMS - Vendor Management System, is another strategic and affirmative move by Malaysia Airports to tap and utilize the power of internet. It is a system designed to shift vendor registration processes from manual, snail-pace exercise to an online environment where registration can be done at vendors’ desktops, in their own comfort time from wherever they are in whole wide world. Online registration reduces processing time very significantly, minimizes human interfacing and errors, stores and archives registration data automatically in central server and a whole lot of other inherent benefits.

Malaysia Airports is serious to eradicate corruption practices among employees at all levels in the course of their duties. To achieve this, Procurement code of ethics  were established and incorporated into Procurement Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. We wish to highlight the ethics as reminder to our valued vendors to achieve the objectives whilst adopting best practices in procurement.

Major Tender Plan Calendar

The information contained herewith is for general information purposes only. The information provided is only tentative and MAHB shall have the right to make changes to the following information at any time. MAHB accept no responsibility for, and give no guarantees, undertakings or warranties concerning, the accuracy, clarity, completeness, timeliness, or otherwise, of the information provided and do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of, or arising from, any errors or omissions or any reliance on, or use of, such information.

No Data Available

Tender Advertisement
1MAHB-MAN/T/07/2022Design And Build For The Proposed Renovation Works of New Burger King At Sector 2, Lot S2-3-Lo4, klia2, Sepang, Selangor
2MAHB-HQ/T/11/2022Supply And Delivery of Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) Common Spare Parts For Malaysia Airports.
3MAHB-MAAH/T/01/2022Landscape Maintenance Services At Landside Area, KL International Airport
4MAHB-MASB/T/14/2022Proposed Design And Construct The Rehabilitation of The Existing Concrete Slab At Parking Apron And Its Associated Works At Miri Airport, Sarawak
5MAHB-MA(S)/T/12/2022Provide And Manage Photometric Test For Aeronautical Ground Lighting At KL International Airport
6MAHB-HQ/RFP/10/2022Subscription of Software Licenses For Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad And Its Subsidiaries
7MAHB-MASB/T/13/2022Proposed Design And Construct The Resurfacing Works of Runway 25 At Touch Down Zone (TDZ) Taxiway A3 And Its Associated Works At Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
8MAHB-MASB/SH/01/2022Grass Cutting And Related Services At Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport, Kuantan, Pahang
9MAHB-MASB/SH/02/2022Maintenance For Landscaping And Related Services At Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
10MAHB-HQ/RFP/09/2022Leasing of IT Computing Devices And Peripherals For Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad And Its Subsidiaries
11MASB/KCH/SH/16/2022Maintenance Service For Flexible Pavement Works At Kuching International Airport, Sarawak.
12MAHB-HQ/T/10/2022Maintenance of 10G Intrusion Prevention System For Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

Tender Bid Opening

The information contained herein is extracted during the opening of tender on the closing day of the respective tender exercise. Thus, the information displayed shall have no bearing in the award of the tender. The information contained herewith is for general information purposes only. MAHB shall have the right to make changes to the following information at any time. MAHB accept no responsibility for, and give no guarantees, undertakings or warranties concerning, the accuracy, clarity, completeness, timeliness, or otherwise, of the information provided and do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of, or arising from, any errors or omissions or any reliance on, or use of, such information.

Tender Evaluation Result

All information including information in the attachment contained herein are provided as a general information only. The information provided does not indicate a guarantee, undertaking or warranties concerning the appointment of the successful vendor. The final decision for the award is subject to the approval by the respective Procurement Committee. All decisions made by MAHB (or any of its subsidiary companies) are not subject to any appeal from any Government Bodies, or by way of arbitration or any legal proceedings. MAHB (or any of its subsidiary companies) shall not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of or arising from any errors, acts or omissions or any reliance on or use of such information.

Commercial Tender Announcement Status
No Data Available

New Vendor List
1378877-VInfinite Acquisitions Sdn Bhd
2SAM134/12Sunta enterprise
7823297-PIshanTech (M) Sdn Bhd
8871239-Tinner electrical sdn bhd
14202003305300UHR RESOURCES
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